Black Secret Technology: Beyonce’s Formation

Trayvon Martin’s birthday, Mardi Gras, Black History Month, Super Bowl weekend. Beyonce’s release for her latest song and music video, Formation, was strategically dropped today. Already, bloggers and critics are analyzing the video, so here I am taking notes, comparing/contrasting the drum and bass in A Guy Called Gerald’s Black Secret Technology (1995) with the trap music in […]

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Earth Wind & Fire and The Electric Universe

Earth Wind & Fire (EWF) is an American band that has spanned the musical genres of R&B, soul, funk, jazz, disco, pop, rock, Latin and African. They were one of the most successful bands of the 20th century. Bandleader Maurice White died on Wednesday at age 74 and, like what usually happens when a performer I admire passes […]

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Planting SEAD: A Reflection

The Network for Sciences, Engineering, Arts and Design (SEAD) convened 20 academics, museum professionals, federal agency reps, and one K-12 rep (me) at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington DC. SEAD aims to become a leading advocate for collaboration among these networks and to foster innovation and learning that impact community sustainability and economic growth. […]

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Computing Across the African Diaspora

I’ve dedicated several posts to exploring computing ideas and concepts underlying various mental, physical and organizational projects from the perspectives of the cosmology of African cultures and the world (i.e., in Afrofuturism and STEAM). This includes the computation underlying African geometry patterns (African Fractals), the Talking Drum (Electrofunk Mixtape), and augmented space (Afrofuturism 3.0). This has been […]

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African Textiles & Creative Coding

Earth’s Skin (2007), a metal tapestry by African artist El Anatsui is constructed from flattened liquor bottle labels that the artist collects near his home in Southern Nigeria. The labels and bottle caps are fastened together with copper wire and attached corner-to-corner. Anatsui’s practice emerges from a more expanded understanding of what art can be that stems […]

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Self Determination & STEAM: A Reflection

In Swahili self-determination or kujichagulia means to: Define the world in your own image and interest, placing your community and your history and culture at the center of the world and social reality. A group of teachers at Boston Arts Academy (BAA) asked me to be the keynote speaker for their biannual STEAM Fair. I titled my presentation […]

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Astro-Blackness to Black Girl Magic

I participated in Why Comix? Drawing the World You Want to See at Northeastern University. The symposium was in conjunction with the exhibition Visible Noize: The Art of John Jennings in Gallery360. Other participants included Marjorie Liu, John Jennings, Moya Bailey, Stacey Robinson, Keith Chow, Barrington Edwards, Whit Taylor and Terry Marshall. For the first panel John Jennings moderated and the panelists discussed identity, race and the politics […]

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