Cosmogramic Design: Computational, Social & Ritualistic Space

Note: This is for a talk I’m giving at Yale University in the fall. One of the main cultural models I studied as a doctoral student was the cosmogram, defined as a flat geometric figure depicting a cosmology. The motif is usually circular, with four quadrants and a navigational schema or map. From the West […]

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Summer Vacation Musings: Social Change in STEM & STEAM

As I was driving through the Taos mountains, I thought about how important inclusion is in STEM and STEAM subjects. Making – do-it-yourself informal learning – is one way to combine these subjects. While it is important to discuss why and how making is essential to learning, we (educators) must also realize that there are […]

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Meow Wolf: House of Eternal Return

What do you get when you merge Second Life with L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics, Paranormal Activity, Interstellar and Total Recall? You get House of Eternal Return, now open to the public at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The exhibit is described in the brochure as: An interactive art experience featuring a wild new form of non-linear […]

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STEAM, Design, Making & Coding This Summer

I kicked off the summer with the STEAM at BAA program that offered a cross-disciplinary experience for students ages 12-18 in the BAA STEAM Lab. The workshop included coding, 3-D printing, laser cutting, computer-aided design and wearable technology. To begin, students formed teams and there were four tasks each team had to complete: Design Plan Community […]

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Building a National Maker Infrastructure

Independence Day in the U.S. is commonly associated with family and community celebrations, and political speeches and ceremonies, and various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions. This year, I’m thinking about independence and making. I was invited to the White House for an event put on by the White House Office […]

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Arts & Crafts for Future Scientists & Engineers

Robert Root-Bernstein and Michelle Root-Bernstein wrote a white paper titled The Importance of Early and Persistent Arts and Crafts Education for Future Scientists and Engineers. In the paper they make the case that K-12 curricula in most school systems focus on mathematical and verbal skills. However, the ability to succeed in science and engineering requires a broader […]

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Samuel R. Delany, Wakanda & the Maker Movement

Dr. Walter Greason, author of The American Economy, recently compiled a list called the Wakanda Syllabus inspired by the history of black creative expression and cultural analysis, which includes many of the most compelling new works on Afrofuturism. In the Arts section is Nettrice Gaskins, Maker. T’Challa AKA the Black Panther was Marvel Entertainment’s first black superhero, who […]

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