hopes/dreams/fears & Art (plus) Web 2.0

Second Life RSS reader wall displaying @platea tweets.

Second Life RSS reader wall displaying @platea tweets.

It all began with a Facebook message from Yolanda Hippensteele about artist An Xiao’s blog on PBS Art21…

@Platea: Art in the Web 2.0 Ethos

If there’s anything revealed about the use of social media technologies in the Iranian election, it’s that Twitter, Facebook and other social spaces online have become a new form of public space. Like any public space, social media serve as a place to meet with friends, people watch and, as we’ve seen, even protest. The key difference with this digital public space is one of scale and access, as users find ways to reach an international and growing user base, limited only by access to a computer or mobile phone and, to a certain extent, a common language.

One question I explore in my social media work is how this new public space can become a site for public art. I recently founded @Platea, a global online public art collective, to explore this very issue, and to take some salient features of public art–performance, displacement and activation, engagement–and both translate and transform them into the realm of online media.

I was intrigued and joined the @Platea Facebook group and asked if I could contribute through Second Life and artist/Art21 blogger An Xiao responded with great interest.  At the time I was thinking about a group installation but after becoming friends with her on Facebook and briefly corresponding this idea transformed into something new and more ambitious. I saw this video:

Control Second Life from Twitter

I contacted the professor in Singapore about using a Second Life object/wall to display Twitter updates and now I am approved to beta test Pachube, a service that “enables you to connect, tag and share real time sensor data from objects, devices, buildings and environments around the world. The key aim is to facilitate interaction between remote environments, both physical and virtual” ~ http://www.pachube.com

I will be using Twitter in Second Life and contribute to the @Platea hopes/dreams/fears global online public art project running from now until the end of July 2009. This will be in the form of a SL + Web 2.0 mashup. Status updates will be broadcast to an audience via a Second Life wall.

Embedded into the daily feeds of users, these broad updates will paint a collective picture of the hopes, dreams and fears of the English-speaking world during this time of economic crisis and transition.

@platea tweet in Second Life.

@platea tweet in Second Life.

Of course this brings me back to my chapter writing and gives me something current and more tangible to include for the web 2.0 section.  Twitter art, RSS readers and feeds in Second Life, etc. are the new texts, new vernacular for an increasingly participatory world.  This blog entry is also posted on Facebook and I am connected to hopes/dreams/fears via my Second Life sim/land parcel, as I work on my current project(s).  The Twitter feed (tweet) is immediately accessible, in real time.

For more info:

Please feel free to contact me to learn more about this. By this fall I will have tons more to share!

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  1. #1 by Wagner James Au on August 9, 2009 - 8:15 am

    So is this Twitter feed running now in SL? Email me the SLurl or more info, please? Hamlet@secondlife.com.

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