Dimensions: Augmented Sound

Dimensions theory

Dimensions theory: Phantom effects are not constructed by the human brain but are a different representation of reality.

The same people behind the Inception App are beta testing a new one called Dimensions but unfortunately the beta sign up is temporarily closed.  This blog entry is a user experience “placeholder,” for when the app is made available.  I have the Inception App on my iPhone now and even used it while out and about.

GT Stinger

GT Stinger: Intertwining the "Inception App" deeply into my daily life (sort of).

The PREMISE: In 1999 the first members of RjDj started to work on a bold new sound project. 10 years later science fiction author Bruce Sterling coined the term “Augmented Sound” to describe it.  Bruce Sterling is all about augmentation and even covered my Art21 post on AR art with Amir Baradaran and others.  Inception’s and Dimension’s makers consider the wacky, weird “Dimensions theory” which states that “phantom effects are not constructed by the human brain but are a different representation of reality – a parallel dimension as described in the Many-worlds interpretationMultiverse hypothesis and in particular in the M-theory and other forms of string theory.”

Weird and wonderfully science fiction-sounding!

Sticking to the dimensions theory, we discovered how specific human activities and environments create different augmented sounds and cause different phantom effects. Soon we managed to form stable connections to 11 different dimensions. We improved the augmented sound stimuli dramatically and learned more about the different dimensions and how we can interact with them. The RjDj engineering team crafted all of this into a single app, Dimensions. Upon the release of the Dimensions app, the Multiverse became accessible to humans. When you use the app, you are part of the Dimensionauts Programme – a pioneering team with the mission of exploring Dimensions and collecting Artifacts.

Suddenly, we’re back to cognitive-computer artifacts which is the title of my current research paper/project.  Marshall McCullough (1998) references Walter Benjamin’s notion of the “cinematic apparatus” that offers a “thoroughgoing permeation of reality with mechanical equipment,” as an “aspect of reality which free of all equipment.”  To pursue this reality we must first master the technology to the point where the mind and body can work without any external action or apparatus.  Dimensions is a step towards this notion of a transparent cognitive-computer “apparatus”.

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